Covid control management system for health clubs 

During this crazy year, you all know we have been offering free workout classes on the world wide web, but did you know, we were also learning to facilitate the re-opening of physical venues, such as health clubs and sports clubs?



We managed to achieve compliant, safe, re-openings in multiple locations by-

* using screening tools, to detect risk at first contact, 

* booking systems to control & track numbers/persons in venues,

* mailing software to keep members up to date with the latest advice and promotions,

* online classes during periods of lock-down to improve client retention.

We then just put it in all one place that can be controlled easily by anyone.. and made it cost effective too.


What we learned:   


* It isn't just a Covid control system that we have developed, it's a health club management system, with the Covid control and client retention tools built in.

* The venue's that we trialed this with continue to use our system.. so they must like it.

If this is a service you feel that your health club/s or venues could benefit from, please contact us.