Meet the team


Paul Drogan has been involved in sport and exercise for many years. He is our super coach, with endless qualifications and certificates in sports and fitness.

These include (but not limited to):

REPS personal trainer

Swimsanity tutor 

Spin instructor

Yoga instructor

Swimming instructor

Animal Instructor

paul d at chelsea.jpg

Theo Chatziolos is a professional swim coach and is an ex-competitive swimmer from Greece. For the past 20 years Theo has been passing on his invaluable experience.

Theo holds a Masters Degree in sports science and is an elite level swim coach.


Paul Taaffe is a professional swim coach and sports scientist.

He has been running his own successful swim school for over 10 years and coaching swimming for over 20 years.

Paul is also involved in other sports related businesses including the growing sport of Padel


The Vision

Currently GYMi is just about providing some regular (free) online fitness classes to keep everyone (including ourselves!) as fit as possible & keep moral high.

Our shared vision, in the longer term, is to develop an effective but good value alternative (or addition) to the gym.

Good training starts with regular participation and 

sometimes our busy schedules mean that the gym session is the first to be cancelled. Other times we just want to get home, but feel guilty for missing our exercise.. again!


worry no more, as all my workouts can be done at home!